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 We highlight 1 person in the media weekly who needs a medical miracle and ask audiences to save a life. 





Father of 5 in End Stage Renal Failure!

Father of five in need of life-saving kidney. Ryan Rodriguez from Arizona is a family man and a school psychologist. The 31-year-old husband and father of five,  is in search of a kidney donor. Ryan was recently diagnosed with end stage renal failure. To watch a news segment on this dire situation click here: http://www.kvoa.com/story/32948333/father-of-five-in-need-of-life-saving-kidney-donor To make a difference click here: https://www.youcaring.com/ryan-rodriguez-629194 Save 1 Person. Save The World.

Mom of 3 Needs Living Kidney Donor!

Mommy still needs living kidney donor, will you save her? News coverage months ago, resulted in close to 200 people writing in to try to save Elaine.  Disappointingly, one week before an operation was scheduled, the potential donnee backed out after insurance issues arose.  And unfortunately, noone was a match from the overwhelming response.  We are still desperately searching for an angel to save Elaine.  If you have O blood, in good health and have a desire to save a mommy of three, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your blood type and contact information (including phone number). Save 1 Person. Save The World.

Bonnie Gives Kidney & 4 Lives Saved!

Bonnie Larosa is a true hero.  Bonnie saw a news segment about a man who needed a living kidney donor and acted on saving a life.  The man in the news segment, Torrey Green already had a donor and Bonnie was asked to test for someone else who needed a living kidney donor.  Bonnie's trip to the hospital ended up saving four lives when she entered an altruistic chain. An altruistic chain begins when the non-directed donor gives to a person waiting for a transplant, and that recipient’s willing—but incompatible—donor gives to another person waiting, and so on. Each living donor in the system gives to a stranger, and the chain of donors is kept going as long as possible. Using the media to save lives, works, this time four lives are saved. Save 1 Person and you never know who will come along for the ride of life.

The Magic of the Media Saves Torrey!

Save 1 Person Alert, indirectly saves another life, through the miracle of the media.  Hear from Torrey from Florida, what it's like to have your life saved from a complete stranger through the media... To watch complete coverage of the PIX story click here:  http://helpmehoward.pix11.com/2014/07/08/it-was-meant-to-be-howards-helps-art-teacher-find-kidney-donor/


Hear from Sara from NJ who gave her kidney to a complete stranger after seeing on TV, Torrey's medical emergency.



Actor Andy Garcia & Helping Others!

Saving lives has many advantages, this time I get to meet my favorite actor...


See Lives Saved Via Save 1 Alerts!

Heshy Fellig, a religous jew, from LA received a life saving organ from a religious protestant woman in Alabama, Marisa Hester after she read about his dire situation in a Save 1 Person News Alert.
Lives Saved & Helped through Save 1 Person:  
  - Living kidney donor for Dr. Richman, via PIX news segment, by stranger in FL.
- Woman from PIX segment donates kidney in altruistic chain - 4 lives are saved
- Mystery illness girl receives life saving services via a PIX News picking up a Save 1 Alert
-  Save 1 Alert indirecty saves Torrey Green in Florida from NJ Resident Sara Nichols, PIX news coverage
- Thousands entered into bone marrow registry
- Diagnosed a disease
- Living kidney donor for John Schoeten of NJ from Tamy Brody of Arkansas via social media
- Extended man's life by one year after referring him to proper care from our viewers
Living kidney donor for Stuart Zimmer by Reginna Grebb in NYC accomplished via 1010 Wins  
- Sight seeing dog for a blind man
- Donations for man with facial deformities for operation
- Living kidney donor for Heshy Felig of CA from Marissa Hester in Alabama
- Secret Santa gifts received for orphaned kids
- Countless people go to blood drives for people who need blood transfusions
- Living kidney donor found for 10-year-old in Israel from Tzivia in England
- Kidney donors from Save 1 Person News Breaks, entered into living donor chain programs
- Hundreds of potential living kidney donors go on lists for patients in need
- Assisted in living kidney donor match for Brooklyn father, Jerry Fox from Margery Lipenski

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We are all Heroes!


1010 Wins Radio in celebration of their 50th Anniversary, featured local heroes and I received a call to do a segment becasue of my work at Save1person.org.  It was quite the honor, because sometimes I doubt the reason why I do this work and its progress at times.  My dream is huge and that is to have Save 1 Person units in every media outlet across the globe, where a reporter at a station broadcasts the need of someone who needs a medical miracle and then their audiences respond to save a life. And every media outlet is branded Save 1 Person.  Right now there's one office, that's me.  Imagine if their were Save 1 Person offices all over the globe.  That's the dream to turn media into a life saving mechanism now and for generations to come. Below is the link to the sixty second 1010 Wins Radio segment. I can't help to think that we are all heroes when we reach out to another to make a difference.  Whether it's a mommy staying up all night with her sick child, or holding that door open for the elderly woman and / or donating bone marrow or a kidney.  When we take time out to make a difference in the life of someone else, lives change for the better and it causes infinite ripple effects unseen by the human eye.








The Moms & Celebs & Life Messages!






What are Miracles from Heaven?  Jennifer Garner stars in this movie about a child who is dying from a rare disease and is miraculously saved as a result of a freak accident.  As a mom, it was difficult watching some of this movie, because I felt every emotion, as if that child was mine who was in so much pain and suffering.  I felt the anguish of the mom not knowing how to save her own child.  And then ultimately when there was nothing else left to do but pray, I dug into my own soul to see the depth of my own faith and belief in G-d. The movie was brilliant in reminding us that there are miracles everywhere. It reminds us that we are all connected.  It reminds us that miracles could be as big as a cure for a very sick child to the miracle of  a stranger being a secret angel in a time of need.  This movie was real, it pulled at your heart strings and it reaffirms what I believe, there are G-dly messages everywhere, whether it be wisdom shared in a church or synagogue or going to a Moms event with Jennifer Garner.  G-d talks to everyone in different ways, this time it's through one of America's biggest and brightest stars, Jennifer Garner.  Miracles from Heaven are everywhere and it's up to us to keep our hearts and eyes open to be witness to them. Thanks Moms for always having interesting and thought provoking events that make you ponder the meaning of life.  Save 1 Person. Save The World one miracle at a time.




I worked at TV networks years ago, and I loved the glitz and glamour of it.  What it lacked for me sometimes was meaning. I remember promoting Cindy Crawford's latest look at the beach or Monica Lewinsky's sexcapades and I would think is this all there really is in life? After I left the fast paced environment of the TV industry, I started a non profit called Save 1 Person.  Although I love this work, and there's nothing more fulfilling than to see your team, as part of the process to save a life, at times this work can be very heavy.  Since I've been attending, The Moms events (Themoms.com) it's been combining two worlds I love, one of intrigue and one of meaning.  Since, I've been attending the Moms events it reminds me that there are many, many ways to save a life. Quite, often it's sharing stories of hope, inspiration and courage from all walks of life.  Everyone has a story that can touch, move and inspire others to carry on and fight the good fight despite the obstacles along the way. And we need desperately to hear these stories, to know we are not alone. And that others have persevered and others have created a path, and if they can overcome their challenges, we can too.

This time, the Moms spoke with Hoda Kotb from the Today show.  Hoda had her own battles and challenges from surviving breast cancer to divorce to many other obstacles along the journey. What was particularly touching at the event was when two women stood up to share their own personal challenges with tears and frustration. Hoda got up to hug and cry with these women and to offer words of hope.  I can't help think, when people can genuinely cry with you, it's because they've experienced similar pain. And at the end of the day we want to know we are not alone in our struggles. And when we can see others have perserved despite the hardships, it offers a ray of light in a dark tunnel we may be feeling in the moment.
What Hoda brings, now, to the world, is a book called Where We Belong, Journeys, That Show Us The Way.  The book features various real life stories of people who overcame great adversity and succeeded in their fields of choice and life despite the curve balls the universe threw at them. From the ordinary man to the famous, you hear and feel their struggles and cheer with them as they beat the odds.  I think at the end of the day, we are so focused on results, that we forget the beautiful jewel we become along the journey.  There are many ways to save a life, giving someone the strength to carry on in darkness, surely saves the world.



The Moms (Themoms.com) had two events last week that were fun, thought provoking and soulful.  One event was all about Salma Hayek, from my understanding, Salma worked very hard in getting out a movie, Kahlil Gabrin's, The Prophet.  It is being marketed as a kids' movie, in my opinion it's anything but a kids' movie.  I applaud Salma Hayek, for going against the norm in Hollywood and getting out a movie that's spiritual, g-dly and thought provoking about life, work, love and the soul's journey.  I was shocked at the depth of the film. I pondered during the movie what is a body and what is a soul.  These questions arose through the poetry and animation presented in this unique movie....Going off on a tangent, not so long ago, I was approached by a Tv production company to do a reality tv show based around the concept of Save 1 Person, where we highlight weekly one person in the media who needs life saving help. I declined the agreement, because what they wanted to do with the message of Save 1 Person, was to basically buy it into exclusivity. Save 1 Person would not be allowed to support others in need of a living organ donor according to the agreement, which is against the whole mission of Save 1 Person. Similarly (or not)  in this movie, the main character in this film, was asked to go public to his followers that his works / teachings were not real.  The main character declined this offer and then suffered the worldly consequences. The anology I'm drawing between the two is in life, sometimes you have to follow your soul's truth and not what looks good on paper.  Or as Tony Robbins says, "I am the Voice" which means you don't have to have followers being the voice, you just have to follow your own truth.  This movie left me questioning, what is life and what is death and what really saves lives?  I think each person's interpretation of this question is different and we all have to choose what really save lives in many different ways that present itself in our own lives?



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Superstars Saving Lives in the Media!

Giant's Star Odell Beckham Junior scores for saving lives!


  ET's Nancy O'Dell Uses the Media to Find a Cure for ALS!


Michael Rapaport Believes in the Media to Save Lives!


 Country Superstar Jo Dee Messina Sings to Save Lives!



 Andrew McCarthy Believes in Using the Media to Save Lives!


Denis Leary Knows Media Saves Lives!


Joe Girardi, NY Yankees Manager, hits home runs for saving lives.....
Chazz Palminteri and his wife on making a difference...



Vision of Save 1 Person!


Dr. Ron Richman from NY recieved a gift of a lifetime, a kidney, from a stranger in FLorida.  This life saving match was created when Channel 11's, Howard Thompson (Help Me Howard) picked up a Save 1 Person News Alert to save a life.

Save 1 Person is designed to save lives through the media and it works!  This media campaign is something the world can particpate in, whether it be making sure the life to save gets on the nightly news, or seeing if you're a bone marrow match for a child with Leukemia, or donating a kidney. We can all participate in saving lives through the power of the media.

There should be mandatory Save 1 Person units in every media outlet across the world. Two Save 1 Person Alerts would run on every Save 1 Person affilliate each week. One Save 1 News Alert would run globally for a specific person with a life saving need.  And the other Save 1 News Alert that would run that week would be a specific life saving need of someone in that community.  For instance, if someone was in need of a bone marrow match in Poland, this Save 1 Alert could run in Idaho. In addition, that local station in Idaho,not only would run the Save 1 Alert for someone in Poland, but for someone with a life saving need in that  specific region in Idaho.

In addition,  the on-air local personality asks people to write in with their own life-saving needs, an assistant from the local affiliate collects information on the neediest cases from the community.

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